Opinions please

sorry the site is in dutch

thx for the help

Don’t be sorry, you’re allowed to make sites in Dutch :wink: Mine are in French…

I like it a lot, simple yet pleasing design, really fast response, no waiting for more downloads to see content, it’s good. I thought the pics you use in the portfolio could be better quality (as i don’t understand the text :slight_smile: ), and i almost overlooked the arrow to get to the next one, maybe blink it on the 1st item of the portfolio?..

And i always wonder why i have a big browser window on my screen with a tiny swf in the middle, c’mon people, think BIG!

it was nice even thought I couldn’t read it.

Eyez, the new site I’m building is 750 x 550 is that big enough?

nice minimal style…i like it… i agree with eyez…re portfolio images…



thx for the honest replys
i’m gonna work an the pics and next button

thx a lot

Fonky-Mr. Monkey

Good werk, pro design, looks nice-

I agree with the smallness issues stated above-IMO, I would prefer everything much larger and to be easier on the eyes, also remember the senior citizens who more often than not have failing vision-

about the smallness
i specially made it that sise because in belgium there are still a lot of people who view everything on a 800*600 screen
and so i thought it would be good so everyone is able to see it
and fontsize 9 is not that small so…
and making the swf bigger will slow it down so thats not good either
thats why i chose for this size