sintax321 help with background music!

i have question on how to do the background sound loading an external swf file.

actually i had post a this question yesterday regarding “external swf”, and jubba tell me go to
to find for answer.

after i read that thread, i think thats exactly what i want, but i think i need two sample file that are posted by you regarding you website sound system. infortunately, they been deleted already:*(

now, can you repost those file?? or tell me where to download them, pleassse!!


Hey TOH !!

Check this thread out!!


if u need any help with the sound, let me know =)

yeah, i definitely nedd your help, dave!

the thread that you gave me is the same thread that i mention in first post. in that thread, sintax had posted two source files to help you guys. i think that two files is the most important thing in that post. but they been cut off already by sintax.

so, can you post that two files here? i think source file is the best method to explain everything,right?

Thank you for replying,dave!

im sure i posted it sumwher else, ill get back to you soon ok!!

If not ill mock you one!!


Ok check this thread out


if it dnt work, let me know =)

dave, the second attachment called restoffla’ has problem, it neither a zip file nor fla, i can’t open it. and it has 4.24kb only.
can you take a look on it?

track 1and 2 is ok. :smirk:

Thank you,Dave for trying to help!

OK ill have a look at it, if it dont work, ill build you a new one then =)

i’ll wait for your reply=)
thanks for taking time to help:beam:

Hey do u have email?


They are Win Ace files, so make sure u download winace from if u dnt have it =)

Just put “win Ace” in the search bar on the website!!




i would also like a constant background music, but my problem is not setting it up, it’s getting the file down to a realistic size.

If I load the music fron SWF level 100, the SWF is still 5meg because I can’t get the MP3 smaller than 5meg. Is there a better way to do it??

really sorry to bother again dave.
i had downloaded that 4 files.–8kb–72kb–30kb

i can’t open all the file. ;(

i had winace 2.11 as well. but no matter winzip, winrar, winace, it keep say that damaged/bad file. can you please check that whether the file size is correct? or other reason to make thoose file not working.


■■■■! yeah ur right, they dnt work, hang on, ill send them again!!


Ok i actually tested these ones, sorry bout the previous stuff!!