Site allmost done, coments?

my new portfolio is 96% complete, some of the sounds are incomplete or just not optimized correctly. I don’t have enough space on my server to put up all of my music at this moment (i’m broke). so hopefully in the next week or so i can get that up, unless someone knows of a free server that lets you hot link to it…

More examples of my work will be updated daily.

let me kow what you think, i spent the about 2 1/2 weeks on this (free time)…


The running man and final leaping bound is great. I’m on dial-up, and suffered for it. Often times I couldn’t tell if the new movies were loading after I clicked on the buttons. Preloaders themselves either took a long time to load, or wouldn’t load at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I love orange, but, by having an orange line surround everything, it makes it appear a bit cluttered. Maybe try using black or gray for some of your borders. Just a suggestion.

Keep up the good work.

Wow, I think this is great, I am running on a cable modem and it runs as smooth as anything. I think the colors are great too.

I would definitely vote SOTW if you submitted it (well depending on the other people who submit, but you would be very good competition).

Opinions vary though. I say great job and keep up the good work!

I like it alot! very well done!

One question: during the intro when all the redlines “draw” the outlines for each of your seperate windows, did you use API for that effect or an animated mask over predrawn outlines (or something totally different I didnt think of)?? Just curious. Thanks!



i started frame by frame lines to draw the borders then moved on to animated mask(frame by frame). the mask was harder than the lines were.

sotw… hmmmnnn… it’s not done yet… but what do i know… thanks again lostinbeta, you made me smile. =)

also… the music, i’m linking to another site to pull the music into the flash movie, does any one see any lag time on the music loading (besides the 56k people). some time when i test, the music doesn’t load, or loads befor the movie is completely loaded. I’m not sure if it’s because of my temp files or what, just a question.

about the black in the place of the orange, i guess that would take out the point of having color monitors. i do plan on putting some code in it to randomly change the images, and the colors. but that won’t be for a while.

thanks again for all the coments.

comment: when you go to the web design section there are five buttons (small squares) to the top left of the text. The mouse overs have colored backgrounds at an alph setting so you can slightly see through them - however the center one is totally opaque and you cannot see behind it… personally I like the opaqe one better than the rest as I find the others hard to read (esp the two on the right!) because you can see text from the text box behind them. Check it out.


I agree with that one Ryall, the opaque one does look better and is much clearer to read.

i was wondering about the opacity thing, like the roll overs on the navigation at the bottom left, those are too opaque, so i upped the opacity. i can see how it would look a lot better if they weren’t so transperent. thanks for the info, i’ll get on it soon, i allready made some changes, the transitions are shorter, i got rid of the annoying door openning sound and fixed the volume on the buttons as well. i will upload the changes asa soon as i change the opacity thing.

thanks again for the input.

changes up, more to come,

some one with a printer please test my resume’s print button. (my printer decided to crap out on me) i’m printing from a movie clip that is in the library and not on the stage, new at the whole print comand.


Very nice, I unfortunately cannot test the print resume thing. My printer is all out of ink:-\

Your valwest technologies mouseOver thing under web design is still transparent. It is the only one that is still transparent, I checked all the other sections and I didn’t see anything wrong there.

fixed, thanks, i completly over looked that,


That is all I could find wrong with it for now (if not for good). I guess we will have to wait to hear what others say:)

if any say much at all, i have a few more 3d models i am putting into the experament area, i might just change the title to 3d experiments, i still need to find some free web space that will let me hot link to them for my music, i only have 5 megs total on my site. geocities works but only so far… if you know of any, let me know.

Hmm, I believe it was Eilsoe (not sure, but I think it was) that had just recently mentioned . They allow you to create a free account to hose 1MB of stuff for use of hotlinking (it is a file hoster). It says on the site you can sign up for 100MB of space for just 6 bucks a month. I don’t think that is that bad.

thanks, i’ll give it a try

i need about 3 to 5 megs, otherwise no music, oh yeah, geocities gave me the boot cuz of too much file transfer, over 3 gigs in 3 days, so i guess thats an issue as well.

man your site is great
Keep up the good work :slight_smile: