Site Check...DNB First

Redoing a site for one of our clients, DNB First. They revamped all thier marketing so we did this in the interium, [color=#800080][/color] . Pretty crappy, however we have been working on a new layout for them, and before we get to much further I would like to see what you all think.


I look forward to your comments and critiques.

There getting something that is ten times better. :smiley: Much more friendly to look at…

i liked the first one better, its much less cluttered and is easy to read

I like the second one. It almost looks template based though :expressionless:

2nd one is much better :slight_smile:

2nd is heaps heaps betta, good job!

the second is much better, with the center aligned layout. Although i did kind of like the animated fly-in menu’s on the first one…

I think you are headed in the right direction…

The second one is great, like the color scheme a lot :slight_smile:

its REALLY good but the menu is pretty much’s but with different colors. REALLY nice site though…

i guess u aren’t gonna respond…

hey mlkedave, just a quick question here… WTF are you talking about?

I dont understand what youre gettin at? Are you saying that I copied the menu from

Yes, styles look similar. However, there are countless menus that use gradients.

no no no i loved ur design, i just thought u were gonna respond to what everyone said, just wondering, i swear i ment ZERO offense, most people just say what they are doing or when its gonna have animation. thats all


Oh sh*t, my bad. Thats my biggest issue about forums…i cant always tell the tone or attitude of the posts. I had just got done reading the other post about design theft and probably put me on the defence.

Now that we’re on the same page, I think we are going to present this to the client with a couple different options. One of the options would have a flash menu and masthead imagery, however the owner hates the flash that is in the initial design and the user base may not warrent the use of it. I have until next week to brainstorm different ideas / concepts but dont want to waste much more of the design time until we get more feedback.

Some commented that the menu in the original design was pretty cool. I think this was the part we disliked the most. We believe this could cause a confusing and frustrating user experience and used outdated methods. Our goal is to reorganize their current content, nav, and additional user supporting elements to create an effective user experience.

Hope this helps with our thought process and sorry for the misunderstanding.

very nice mate i like it

Do you guys (ur speeking in plural so i am guessing u are a head of a studio or something?) have a portfolio site? That sucks ur client doesnt like flash, well give us an update when u got it done :slight_smile:

Yea, much improved

Doin a good job, first Awake, Downby2 and this. They are by far the best ones you’ve done. Nice styles in all of them.

And whoever said that about old menu all I gotta say about that is H*** NO. That nav made me cry.

Good stuff, very sexy… keep it up

Speaking in plural??? HA HA.

I’m really the head of nothin at my current job. I work in a small web department for ATX Communications (portfolio). I am, however, lookin for a new position. It could possible happen at ATX in about 3 months but doubt that. Needless to say, i’m bitter.

I just created my own portfolio site Check it out.

Simplistik, thanks for the recognizing some of my work. Looks like i’m gonna have to pick up flash to keep up with everyone here.