Site check. (let me have it)

Hey all. I’m a new forum member and have only been scripting for a year. I go to school for graphic design. This is the second all-flash site I’ve done and would like to know what everyone thinks. Both in terms of browser/system compatability and in usability/design. Let me have it! (but let me know what you LIKE too) :slight_smile:

The site is a small site for a local artist, who also happens to be one of my design instructors. I am aware that the text is a tad tiny, but he doesn’t want it any bigger, so what can you do? The client has the last word. So, small text aside, what does everybody think?


cute :slight_smile:

a few things though:

1: The text is completely unreadable :-\ too small.

2: Layout could use some zazz (or whatever it is)

and that intro was hella creepy!.. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to agree that the intro is a bit creepy.

I personally LOVE small text but even I had trouble with yours. With a font like that I would have to say 10 would be the smallest point size. You could also try _sans on size 10. It will make the text look crisp and clean.

When I clicked on one of the thumbs in the Mandalas section it resized my browser. Like most people, I’m not a big fan of that. The thing is, it really didn’t need to re-size at all. The images aren’t fullscreen so what’s the point?

I really liked the animation for the loader. The way it disappears is nice and fluid.

Personally what I would change is 1) your bio image. It reminds me of the author photos you see on the back of a horror book. 2) I still don’t really know what you do. The home page text should cover that in the first few lines. Any other content should be more in-depth for the those that want to read on.

-The buttons for your text scroll are not aligned properly
-Photos remind me of horror movies( especially with a black background, maybe a white bg with some colour to acompany would be nice

  • the text is not nice and crisp, consider using pixel fonts

otherwise, pretty good


its like one of em horror flicks set in a circus where you see a babe walk into the “house of terrors” and gets eaten…its nice tho, but get some freaking pixel fonts, cant read anything :stuck_out_tongue:

agree with the above mainly but ill add this

The first page your link goes to is a bit rough couldnt you create a better launch page as it doesnt really do the site justice.

The font is too tiny for me to see. I’m surprized you didn’t see this and no one else commented on it yet, but on the home page the scroll buttons are not aligned.

Other than the above mentioned, I think this is a really nice site. The intro was a bit creepy, but cool at the same time. I’ll have to cuddle up with my Eeyore doll tonight for sure (j/k).

I like the navigation, like the transitions, like the preloader … Just change that font, fix those buttons and you’ll have a fine site.

Thanks for the feedback everybody. I know that font is small, the client doesn’t want me to make it any bigger. I’ll see what I can do about that. Thanks a lot everybody. Anyone else?