Site Check

Just a little portfolio site i put together for a photographer…let me know what you think…make sure your pop-up blockers are off…it is a fullscreen site too set at 1024x768res…

i think you need to put a parental advisory, or some sort of content info because the gallery has some nudes! :mu:

Ok, I really like the music and the general feel of the gallery. My criticisms would be:

  1. That text background bit is really bad - I wasn’t expecting such a nice site after seeing that but there ya go.
  2. The instructions are a little boring :stuck_out_tongue: - not sure what you could do about that, I mean they look nice, but I couldn’t be arse to even read them.
  3. Because I couldn’t be arsed to read the instructions, exiting the individual picture to the gallery again was a little tricky, maybe have a back button?

Anyway, those are my main criticisms. Number 1 is the only one that really bothers me, so congratulations on a nice site.

Beautiful site! The photos and the navigation ideas and such were awesome.

As far as what could be changed.

  1. I agree about the text background part. It didn’t seem to fit right or something. Also it slowed down and significantly cut the smoothness of the site intro. Perhaps use some nice masking like the rest of the site. Maybe if the fonts were a bit smaller or something it could look better as well.

  2. There is no 2 because the site rocks that much :slight_smile: The navigation was a little confusing, perhaps if the help could be reached easier and would stay out a bit longer it would clear some things up. Or perhaps have a little popup for the mouse that says to click the center of the screen to bring the menu back up.

That’s all, I’m really impressed! Keep up the sweet work!

hasn’t anybody noticed that there are NUDES in the gallery? :mu:

Awesome work. I think the site does a very good job of showcasing the artist.

My only concern is the way it goes full screen. I know that annoys some people. It annoys me most times, but the site and photos were so nice I let it slide.

Is there a way to keep the sound and X-close menu items transparent and visible all the time. Took me a while to figure out where to find them.

Color… Yes we all saw the nudes. If you have a problem looking a figure photography don’t click the thumbnails. ps. Funny you harp on the nudes and have the f word in your footer and under your username.

Very good. Make sure to have a close button visible at all time though, users hate to feel ‘trapped’ (especially those how are not used to fullscreen pop-ups)

YOur site doesn’t work in Netscape (you can’t access thumbz on a 1024 768 rez)

i like the human figure and all, but there should be some sort of warning on that site. whats so bad about the f-word? we all use it.

We all may use it, but I don’t think it belongs in everyones face.

I don’t think it will stay there very long anyway…

NICE, I really like the clean style, but doesn’t work almost at all in firefox, and not very centered in ie, and those aren’t about the design :thumb:

It’s been said, but just to stress, I would definately fix the navigation…the only instinct you have is to click exit. The only way to find out otherwise is to click on the “?”. No one would do that before clicking exit.

By the way…very smooth flowing site though! Like it a lot other than the nav.