Site check

hey guys im back again

check it out mdipi gave me sum pointers bout it so i did sum altering also changed the buttons from a drop down to sum fading buttons


Just a few quick thoughts.

On your navigation, I would expand the background on them all a little so that ‘components’ isn’t so tightly fitted.

The red text on grey bg isn’t the best … a little harder to read … perhaps white text instead?

Nice job though! ;0)

Your splash page needs some work and that lil ad banner on your layout is killing it, is it necessary? If not then lose it. And I don’t know if you’re doing it on purpose or not, but your nav and content seem a bit off centered. Also York is right, red text on a black background is a lil harsh, also same with the blue links, not too appealing. You have a lot of work to do, but keep it up. =)

cheers guys yeah i know what u mean bout the red text and the blue links i could prob do with changing the font as well just aint really had time

the navigation i have only just changed dont really know why just got bored yesterday i havent realised it being off center but ill take your word for it

the banner is for amnesty isnt at all needed

i want a decent drop down menu but i cant find a good 1 anywhere and all my attempts to make 1 are pretty bogus u guys know where i can find 1


it’s not flash but ohh welll has some realy good stuff on it

your site is realy mad the only problem is that you have to click on the individual letter for some of the links

any way i gota go


Jon mann

You need to look at the text buttons you created and in the “hit” state but in a box that covers the area of the text instead of just the text…it makes it very hard to click on them.

yeah ive been havin trouble changing that any ideas ive been tryin a while i think its the type of txt e.g dynamic etc

It doesn’t seem like the text has to be dynamic, because your links are always the same aren’t they?

Go into the button symbol, look at the fourth frame that says “Hit” and put a rectangle into that frame, covering the text. Then that button becomes active when the cursor is anywhere within that retangle instead of having to be inside the actual text.

cheers man nice site by the way