New Game Design Site

Hello -

I would appreciate any comments about a site that I’ve been working on. I’m hoping that it will serve as a posting grounds for a small but active community, like this one. There’s not really any content yet, that will have to develop over time and I have a lot of classes this semester.

The basic menu structures is done. A couple more effects, easter eggs, links, gallery pieces, and a tutorial or two will be added this week.

I do so enjoy the look and feel of the place. I’d exchange those buttons though… that green just doesn’t look right to me. Too mechanical in such a wonderfuly organic feeling site.

Good luck with it.

Thank you for checking. I’ve been wondering what high-visibility graphics I would replace the buttons with… they’re important to the navigation and I don’t know what would work without resorting to “mystery meat” navigation.

Nice site MarigoldsCafe. The site does have a nice, serene feel about it. Try using a bluish/gray tint on the buttons. A good example of a site that may be similar in your line of colors is turtleshell. The URL is: You might get some ideas on button usage from that site =)

i like “mystery meat” navigation myself. I know that some people get a little lost, but there is a fine line you can walk between utter confusion, and producing the kind of site where people are forced to explore a little, finding things as they go along. If anything is well suited for this kind of navigation, it’s flash. Many of the big league flashers don’t even concern themselves with ease of finding things, because they want people to explore and discover things.

Question… on that site, how big in pixels, is the navigation flash which contains those buttons?

Hmm. All of my .swf files are 800x450 and scale depending on window size. I don’t use any particular navigation Flash.
Lets see… the buttons are 32x32 pixels, and at any given time I have 1 to 4 buttons on the screen.

hmmm let me think on this… I’ll get back to you in a day or two with an example of something, hopefuly, unique.

Looks nice but on my screen you can see the overlap from the navigation field. But one big extra plus for the feeling of the site and thoose nice fierflyes.

best regards