Site critique

hey I’ve been working on a site for a musician and I’m getting sort of close to finishing it ( just goto add some more content. Anyway I’m looking for critiques off you smart people

give me your critiques please, don’t hold back.

cheers, We are using a proper host, I’m just using geocities to do the beta trials.

Check out the slightly updated version of the site


Theres no “go back” button after having sent an email?!

Nice, clean and straight to the point… I like it…
As for the mailing list… quiet simple, althought I am not to keen on the page transition, but thats just been pedantic.:gi:

give the textfield and instance name i.e mailText
mailText.onSetFocus = function() {
mailText.text = “”;

I’m was going to just use the main nav as a way to move back.

cheers man your a life saver. I tried turning it into a movie clip but that created more problems. thanks again