Site Critique

Hey people! I’m in the final design stage of my most recent clients site, and i was wanting to get some feedback, in order to improve the site as much as possible…

The content is not all there, but the site is functional, and i’d say 90% complete. Could i get some honest opinions on things you like/don’t like, and possible suggestions for improvement? :cool:

Also, what would you charge for this site, if you created it?

N2R Motorsports Webpage

Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting layout, if it was a site I’m working on then I would change the color, but since this is a client site, I doubt you have much say on that.

I would also add some kind of loading indicator for each section when the doors close so that the viewer will know that it’s actually loading.

Also I would change the label for the menu from “N2R Menu” to just “Menu” and make it a lil bit bigger so that it’s easier to see.

That’s about it I guess. =)

thanks EG!

about the color comment, are you talking the whole color scheme, or is the background too dark? too much grey? I would like to know what you think, cuz you’ve got the skills!!

The little blue siren plays when the subsections are loading, but i agree, there should be the word ‘loading’ somewhere during that phase…