Site critique

wussup kirupa. it’s been a long time since i’ve visited your site; my interest in flash had waned a lot and i haven’t touched it for a long time. recently, however, i was asked to make a website for my counter-strike clan and, remembering the good comments i always received here on your site, i decided to put it up for critique. so here it is:…sting.html
i’m basically done with the design of it; most of the work is completed. what i need to do now is add the finishing touches, such as better text-scroll buttons and some sound effects. please give honest critiques; i already put a decent amount of time into this and a few more hours won’t hurt.
oh, btw, before any of you blast the site for ripping off some others’ sites, you’re right; the basic design of having boxes expand and contract has been used many a times before. so spare me that criticism =0).

I noticed that your CSS tags are showing within the scrolling text. Also, I see no menu bar yet… I asume that it is not up yet however.

PS- we’ll be moving this to the “site check” area in a couple of days. Just so you know where to look for it. Thank you from the mod upuaut

Hey Don!
Long time no see. The site looks really cool. It has a nice “relevare” feel to it. I think once the tags in the scrolling are fixed, the site will be pretty cool.