Muh site

I read tha post kirupa made about posting your site and all…Im just hoping what he sayz iz true, that it wont b made fun of, but instead received some good feedback :wink: B/c I suck at Flash :slight_smile:

But, I thought Id post my address anywayz

P.S. Always redoing it :wink:

r30… do you mind if I move this to the “site check” thread?

(no I haven’t taken a look yet. I’ll be sure to do so and throw some feed back your way.)

PS - yes I saw your message, yes I worked on it today, no it’s not done yet. :slight_smile:

Hey r30,
I think the site is off to a very good start. I really like the drag mask animation on your front page (looks eerily similar lol). You could try to improve the color scheme by changing the color of the background in your frame. For example, you can make one half one color and the other half another color.

You can also try experimenting with different font variations. Times New Roman is so overused that any font except that might look cool. Since your site is a tech site, try something like Verdana or Arial because they are the next most popular fonts installed on user’s computers. Your site is quite cool, and I’m sure as you continue to improve it, it will become better!

i disagree… a font like arial would suk… for a techy site you shoudl prolly use a sort of sloppy, but not handwritten DRAFTSMEN’s font… it looks smooth, its the one they use in comics nowadays. i did like the rest of your site. that part just needs some work like kirupa said… i have also seen a really kewl site for a movie… mission to mars i think and it has it where your cursor becomes your POV [point of view] and when u drag it over other the screen it is blurry everywhere else but where u drag… it was pretty kewl and it doesnt give that “cholostraphobic” feeling. plus if u think about it… when u stare at one point in your everyday life, EVERYTHING else is out of focus so its more realistic. =] off to a good start man… better than me =]

sorry for disagreeing with you kirupa =] oh great one =]

[grinds teeth] IT’S OK MEHOO. I DON’T MIND[/grinds teeth]

hehe, j/k, people have different opinions :slight_smile: I have no problem with people disagreeing with me. My idea won’t wont work for everyone out there, so plz continue disagreeing with me lol.


well in that case… j/k

hey i did have a question for you kirupa… i posted my site that i was working on before and u didnt reply about it… was it that bad? i want to change alot of it so it doesnt matter if u forgot… just wondering.

Hey icu,
It was probably because I might not have noticed it. Post the link again and I’ll be glad to give you a “Site Check” of the site.


now i know it sux… and i got a good flash guy finishing it all up for me because i dont work well with flash me thinks… but i was wondering what you think of the design… the shading around the edges of everything suk =[ i had to make it in photoshop and its a huge size… like 200k… can u achieve that effect in flash? also… i would like to know if upuaut8’s signature has a tutorial… that light from behind thing looks kewl and i want to use that in my new design for a webpage… i make a new design every day =] i just can’t ever actionscript to finish them =[ dyslexia suks with actionscript. but anyways… i need tutorials on stuff like… hmm… lemem explain this one. i am creating a new site for our clan for a game called urban terror for quake 3. we are one of the best clans in the world so i want the site to rival the best of them. what i wanted to do was make it so there was a faded out image of one of the maps we play on in the background… actually all of them… scrolling past… a total of like 8 now i think… and i wanted them to act like a normal scrolling thingy [which i dont know how to do] but when u drag mouse over it i want the whole thing to get unblurred and come into focus and then if u click on it you will proceed to download that map. =] how do u make those kewl scrolling effects where you move the mouse to the right side of the screen and it moves faster the farther u go to the edge… any tutorials out there? any help would rok guys. thanks.