Site i made for an artist

This is my second real site.

I just finished this site for a painter - printmaker and wondered what feedback I might get. I need to know how quick it is on dial up too. The file sizes are very small, about 20 kb each page so i have not made pre loaders but who knows, perhaps i migh have to if you say its slow. Also of course, what you think in general.

Once again thanks guys.

I like it, yet the design doesn’t carry a lot of weight if you know what I mean. Make some things stand out a bit more by using a couple of darker or more prominent colours…

I would also move the portfolio button to the left, I personally think that is more important than, for instance, the contacts or archive pages.

I would include a preloader as dial-up is still around.

All-round nice page and an excellent second try! Hats off Guv’nor


Cheers mate. The artist asked for a very simple layout and subtle colours so nothing would detract from his own artwork if you know what i mean.

Anyroad, nice comments.


Quite nice. I definitely agree with what Ordinathorreur says though, put the portfolio to the left, get the priorities in order. Portfolio navigation might need some kind of visual separation between the different sections also.

ok guys, will look into the portfolio thing - cheers again :slight_smile:

Looks nice and clean.

Some of the images are pixelated though. I think especially for an artist you have to make the images and perfect as possible. Even if it means a little bit more of a wait

yeah in some sections the images are pixelated. Even the best copies he sent me looked this way. I did all the optimizing in photoshop, and to be honest, they looked better after I had worked on them with sharpening and contrast than they did when he sent them :slight_smile: or should i go :frowning:

cheers for the comments man :beer:

Wow - very smotth, nice colours and excellent accompanying music. It does it’s job well, and it’s hard for me to find any faults.

Great work :smiley: