Photo portfolio site

Hoping for some feedback on a portfolio site I did for a photographer in Miami. Had some trouble with the preloaders - can’t figure out why since they are the simplest of actionscript. He wanted a very slim, simple interface. Kept talking about how cool his book was, so… I used that as the theme.

This is intended ad & fashion clients with broadband connections. 56Kb users beware!!

All suggestions welcome!

Okay… 29 views and not a single response…

I’m just interested in a little feedback. This is not the latest & greatest rip-off of The guy just wanted something simple. Is the site confusing? Does it load okay on broadband? Any suggestions?

you take those pics? stunning work!! got some you can give me for my site LOL!!!..

Oh forgive me, I realized you were just the designer. As for the site, everything loaded fine for me. As for the layout I guess it could use some work. I say throw more ideas at the guy, with images such as those I really feel the site should be just as amazing as the images itself.