Site in crisis

Ok lads NOT a cool site, its mine and its in trouble and I need a tiny bit of help.
Having a really bad time with my site. The whole thing is a SWF and was uploaded several weeks ago and downloaded in app2 secs and all the streamed media worked flawlessly, it’s app 1.8mb in total. Last several days it’s taking sometimwes over a minute to load and the streamed media is choppy. Nothing has been done on this site since it was uploaded.
I’m in N. Ireland and my host s Fasthosts in UK.
I’ve checked my site from several locations in N. I. from different broadband providers, different browsers, platforms etc and the service is consistently CRAP. Fasthosts maintain that it downloads without issue from their premises and have washed their hands of it.
This is a real dealbreaker for me as my small business depends on it.
Can some of you guys check it out from your location and tell me where you are and report back how long it takes to download.
The streamed media can be accessed from the ‘MULTIMEDIA SERVICES/YOUTH/PROJECTS’ scene and the ‘MULTIMEDIA/RECREATION’ scene. let me know if it plays clean or choppy.