Site layout

Hey, just a little bit ago I cooked this up in Photoshop and I thought it looked pretty decent. Any of you out there think its absolutely horrible? If so, what would you like to see different about it?

(the site is meant to be a small, personal kind of site, so I don’t really need tons of intricate details)

I like it! good job! :thumb:

Seen this style and look. It’s exactly like the other dite but it’s VERY similar.

Oh! I like it! :slight_smile: the color selection in nice and the simplicity is great… let us know when it´s done :slight_smile: i want to see it animated

Crappy GIF format made it look kinda purply in tint…its all gray, just in case you notice it not being so lol.

@Dj-Studios - Could you maybe show me the site this looks like? I’d like to tweak mine a bit more to be more original…I hate ripping off other people’s designs, especially when I hadn’t even seen it before >_< lol

Thanks for the comments so far guys :slight_smile:

Sure. I started looking for it but I’m having trouble lol. I’ll post as soon as i find it.:wink:

lol, thank you…maybe one of these days I’ll think of something thats actually original and not just to me, lol

haha, thats classic.

I haven’t seen a site that looks exactly the same, but I’ve definitely seen similar. It seems people have moved away from white and blue and gone to white and lime green :stuck_out_tongue: I really like the layout though, little small but its probably meant to be that way :slight_smile:

lol, I’ve been playing with black and lime green for years, kind of disheartening to hear other people are too >_< My room has lime green and black stripes running around it for Superman’s sake, lol.

Well, maybe I’ll modify it a bit and use more irregular shapes and such…but my plan was to have the menu and the miscellaneous elements in the site, as well as the big square itself to move and resize for each section. Hopefully THATS not another n00bie idea, haha.

Not like theres anything wrong with being on the color bandwagon, hell, theres nothing I don’t like thats blue and grey! :wink:

I wouldn’t worry too much about it. If its just a personal site and you’re starting out, you really have no reason to be worried about being accused of ripping. Keep it going the way you want to, it should come out unique enough in the end. If your intentions are pure, you have nothing to worry about :slight_smile:

Groovy, thanks for the advice! I think I will develop this site as is now with the plans I have for it :slight_smile: Unless of course Dj-studios shows me a site that is practically a carbon copy of mine, hahaha. I’m not really starting out, I’ve been working with the web for about 3 years now, I’m just not a natural artist, more of a programmer…so if something is flawed in the design I would like to correct it to make it seem like I can make a purdy site lol.