Site of the Week!

Hey everyone,
Here is the SOTW for this week :slight_smile: There are only 9 this week because I coudln’t confirm that one of the entries was submitted by the designer.

Kirupa :ninja:

flashshe: No music off (or mute) button, found music annoying. site is not bad , based on the old theme you were going for why did you have a modern clock? photos are a good idea, but your animation through the site seems to be a little slow, maybe put up the frame rate. disliked the information being layed onto the background in white type, hard to read… needs work.

sl25: cool site, orange type is on the border line of hard to read and legiable. Nav is cool, sound fx are alright, site layout clean and tight.

itworks: i really like this site, the stripes background with a touch of grunge works really well, i tend to dislike grunge work but this is perfect. i like how the site content changes colour (+logo) in different section, nice touch. i think the site itself could of been a little longer, but itworks (pun intended :P) :wink:

goSTE: i thought the interactivity was nice and different with this site with the little character needed to be droped in a section, but its seems to be the only cool thing about the site, the rest of the site design wise seems pretty poor. maybe some more interesting things for the character to interact with to go to different section, also i think the images dont fit the character or site, vector background would of worked better.

aaronmatthew: site looks nice. sections are easy to go through and content is fun to look at. i like the idea of the subtle pictures of friends and family. sounds remind me of a game i played ages ago “Dog day”… hehe anywaz , great work.

nextworld: music too much, too busy, i turned it off pretty much straight away. site design looks ok, dislike the typography on the menu, with the effects you used on it, they have lost their legiablility. effects onthe buttons are ok, but i think the site itself is a pretty picture that only changes in one section (content type) which tends to get boring very quickly.

aveceva: site still looks the same since when i first commented on it a few weeks ago, no changes i can see have been implemented, i still dislike the ability section regarding the circle, they look like rounded circles that are very pixelated, also music loop is not clean, with a little “bump” at the end, also i think the loop is too short.

liquidium: site navigation is interesting, a too hard to work with though, the hit state is too tight, i seem to always hit the rollout and I find myself going back to start again, i think you need to increase the active hitstate just a touch greater than the buttons themselves. but the rest was alright, content seems ok and the transition effect is original.