Site Of The week

Hey Kirupa\r\rI just wanted to post my flash site for site of the week.\r\\r\rmy e-mail address is [email][email protected][/email]

1/typo of ‘loading’ is hard to read, even more so as it’s flashing all the time!\r2/provide some feedback on either how long or how much is loading, while writing this, i’m still waiting for the content (56k)\r3<img src= ALT=":o"> k, there it is…1st impression: nice, I love this/these color(s), mine is in the same ones!!\r4/why no rollovers on the buttons? (if they work?..)\r5/at 1st, i thought the scroll was part of the car, and wondered why the text was cut of…\r5/HOW did you make this window? iframe or what?\rPlease tell me [email protected]\r6/oh…those are buttons at top…sorry, but don’t hide your navigation (one of those ‘usability golden rules’ !) i had thought the only buttons were updates, video and cool stuff in the middle (which don’t seem to be buttons after all?)\rMaybe i’m stupid…\r7/how does your guestbook work (backend)?\r8/tabernacle, who’s that girl? nice…\r9/gonna give you a rest now…to sum it up: I like your site!\rand please tell me 'bout the guestbook and popup design… :wink:

ok eyezburg, i’ll try to answer all your questions in the order u put.\r\r1/ About the “loading” flashing, i might change that \r2/ i don’t know how to display the amout of data loaded, that’s why i din’t do it\r3/ thanx\r4/ I did want to put rollovers, but it seemed like too much work, so i quit.\r5/ About the window, it one of those new javascript stuff by microbians. I got it right on the main page of\r6/ About the buttons, they just looked cool hidden, i’ll change it a bit, maybe \r7/ My guestbook, i signed up with geocities. I only put the url of my guestbook in my flash site.\r8/ About the girl, which one r u talking about and i’ll tell u her name\r9/ thanx for checking it out, i hope i’ve answered all ur questions.

eyezberg, this is the URL for the borderless window:…erless.asp :slight_smile: