Site redesign

If you would be so kind as to give some feedback on this new design.

  1. in “work”, ‘print’ and ‘theatre’ has not been added
  2. in “work”, ‘film’ will have more content
  3. the “download” section is not yet up


dont do a double nav/menu

eliminate the lines, they stop the flow

more color

something has to be done about the background

The navigation is kinda of a cool idea, but I see how it could get confusing… for idiots or whatever. I think it is a pretty good site. I don’t, however, like the sound effects.

Nice smooth intro. Nice animated lines. they looked cool.

nice and simple. won’t get lost easily.

I would definatley rethink the background you are using. If everything is going to be laying over the top if it I think you need something a little more eye catching (maybe a little color!) The logo is used all over the site and one more huge one in the back just doesn’t do it for me. And the double navigation thing is a big no no in good design :confused: Overall i think you need something to visually snazz it up a bit. For me its too many lines and text, not enough to look at. The animation is nice but doesnt add much to the theme of the site…and you could make some really cool themed stuff incorporating a “invisible” feel. Where stuff just pops outta the background or something…

thanks everyone for the feedback,
I appriciate the comments.


  1. Gahhh, had to wait wayyy to long for that i in the middle to turn red. While I was waiting on that to happen, (even though I didn’t know it was doing anything the first time) I was tryin to figure out what the text on top of it said and wondering why you made the text blend into the background like that.

  2. The moving menu thing… that was annoying too. Not only was I confused about what just happened, it has a massssive hit area. And I wondered to myself what in the crap and I supposed to be clicking… there’s nothing there.

  3. Say I click “work” and click it again, and again… it reloads and skips back to the frame that you tell it to go to. Prolly shouldn’t do that.

  4. I think using a pixel font instead of Arial would be much more impacting on this site.

  5. That 3 circle thing w/ the line through… it seems like it should be a menu or something. But it really serves no purpose to the design, probably takes away from it rather than adding to it. Seems pretty irrelivant.

  6. Web section when I click on 01, 02, etc… the animation is pretty good, but when I click the same one I’ve selected, that wipe keeps wiping over and over, again… should disable that. The film section loads differently than the web section, I would use one animation or the other.

  7. Contact page… that bounce is cool and all but doesn’t seem to flow w/ your theme.

  8. The logo in the middle is a little distracting… although not that bad. But that slogan in the middle, doesn’t seem to flow well either.


  1. This would make a good minimalistic site.

  2. Motions and tweens are pretty solid.

  3. I think it’s a good use of white space.

Good start on this site, just needs some tweaking.

for some reason, i just hate watching little lines do animation. I mean…its just too simple and it seems like its trying too hard to look cool. Also, I think the site can be better if there was some color. Maybe a color scheme of some sort would be nice. One more thing, the logo in the back doesnt reveal the words that are there. I think thats pretty amateurish. Sorry if I sound too offensive but thats what this forum is for. Other than these comments, I think this site has potential and can use some tweaks.

some small changes. Will do sig. overhall later.

i like it man, i like white sites.

don’t be too embarassed there, it’s not that bad :slight_smile: I think having the user click to enter at the beginning is pretty pointless though. Maybe that makes the whole red intro screen pointless as well.

hey, who’s embarassed?

I’m gratefull that so many people were able to contribute feedback. It’s a great resource to be able to get opinions from people who are familiar with the specifics of Flash technology and design.

I agree that a splash screen doesn’t do anything to specifically add information. I will most likely add an auto flash-detector .html and then add some text to the splash screen for search ranking purposes, as metatag’s have become seemingly irrelevant at this point.

best tip-fix that navigation!