Site running slow

i am building this site for my friend roddy and would like input on why it might be running slow. i know i have a bunch of videos at the bottom, but if i drop them out it still seems to run slow. i was just wondering if anyone might catch something i might be missing. maybe it is too many items with easing or video or what ever?


I didn’t find it to be all that slow, particularily considering the content + I’m running bittorrent in the background which is sucking up about 200kb/s. I’m on a cable modem w/ a dual 1.25 g4.

-What does your bandwidth profiler say?
-How many frames did you commit on average for the roleover film loops?
-I didn’t see any preloaders. Those are helpful because if the preloader doesn’t come up fast you know there is a choke.
-how many external swf’s are you loading initially?
-The only thing that didn’t respond well was the gallery (the main images, not the buttons). Are you preloading all those images or are they called from an array/xml file?

same here…its not at all slow…

not slow here, i’m on a 1.3 g4.

invisible7 i am loading the photo gallery from xml. and yes you are right i do not have preloaders yet in the site, i am going to add them shortly. my frame rate is a 31 frames per sec. maybe i should make the rollover videos at the bottom with less frames i never thought of that before, i could even make them with a jpg sequence or something. right now they are about a 2 second flv that i brought in for each.

Well, it looks like people are getting decent performance.

Frame rate sounds good.

I would at least experiment with the video as a jpg sequence. You can export your movie’s directly from quicktime(Pro) as jpg’s. You can even set the framerate of the export to give you exactly the # of frames you want and then use a sequential preloader in your main .swf so you can control the order of load (assuming each movie is a seperate .swf).