Site06 -

Interactive Movie Site - erm thing.

Hey… Where did i see this site before…

Really nice…

Cool site, straight to the point, very blunt, i like it. Funny guy. :wink:

Very nice. When did he create it though? I want to know if I had the idea of zooming and moving picture idea first?

This has been around a while, but he had to shut it down for a month or two due to bandwidth issues. I see it is now back up!

I commented on this site the first time it came around, back on the critique section. Good stuff! I can’t get over that cool zooming effect. Lots of editing went into this puppy. :smiley:


crazy, must have been really hard to do those transitions! Props to him

idk ethan - but dont let it stop ya.

very ipodish :beam:

check out ‘snapshot 2’ in About>Snapshots :mu:

check out snapshot 6…maybe thats not just any cigar…

i like that zooming in stuff…real neat :cool: