Skinning the scrollpane


I’m making another website that requires the scrollpane component, to scroll a collection of images and buttons, in a window of limited size.

I’d much rather make my own version of the scrollpane component (not necessarily a component, but something that will replace the scrollpane, even if it involves me writing it in actionscript. Basiclly something i can have more control over) but since I don’t know how to do that, I’ll need to replace the look of the scrollpane.

My website won’t be using colours that will work well with the grey look the scrollpane has. So I need help modifying it. (my site will be orange, with some off yellow. weird but it’ll look good)

Does anyone have any tutorials or suggestions on how I could/should go about doing this?

I’ll work on the rest of the site while I see if anyone will reply.

Thanks for at least reading this :slight_smile:


P.S. I’m using Flash 8 for my site, but I also have Flash MX 2004, Flash MX, and Flash 5. And if I really have to I can drop down a version.