Slide show help

I did the slide show tutorial that is on this site, but every time i test movie, i cant get the pictures to change, all it does is show the first picture, and also, when i made the buttons, i did exactly as the tutorial said, but the buttons dont appear on the movie, the just rnt there, wat do i do, i need help please:q: :q: :q:

Download the supplied source file and compare your code.

but i copied the code from the tutorial exactly, wats wrong

Did you add the right codes to the buttons?

on (release) {

Also, did you put your buttons where your photo can cover them? That might be why you don’t see them.

If these aren’t it, can you post a .zip file with every you need?

I put the buttons under the photos so they wouldnt cover the buttons and also i did copy the code for the buttons the same.

How do i post a .zip file with my flash file in it

If your file isn’t too big, you can use the Attachment feature here, it is under the reply text area, it says “Attach File:”.

If it is too big, you will need to upload it to a server and put a link to it.


there it is

how do i give u the folder with the pictures in it

In a .zip file.

how do i do that, im new wit the whole makin thigns a zip file, and u can just put ur own pics in the file to see wats wrong with my movie

r u still gonna help me or wat

YAY!! i got it working now, but now the movie clip is not on the same spot i put it on the stage, when i test the movie it is in a different spot, how do i fix it

Hey, I am glad you got it working. Sorry for the delay, I got distracted.

This is a common problem when you do this tutorial. You are supposed to put the registration point in the upper left hand corner of your clip when you make it a movie clip.

To do this, select your item, then hit F8 to convert it to a symbol, and you will see next to the radio buttons for what kind of symbol (mc, button, graphic) there is a block with 9 squares in it. Click on the square on the upper left hand corner. This will set the registration point there.

Since when it attaches the .jpg, it attaches the upper left hand corner of the jpeg to the registration point, you need to relocate that point.

Either that or you can just move the clip you already have.

Thanx, but when i put my buttons on the page they rnt underneath the movie clip like they are in the stage. Also, how do i get all of my pictures to be the same size, like the slide show in the tutorial

His external pictures are all the same size.

I am not sure I understand what is going on with your buttons? You say they aren’t underneith, but they are on the stage? Well if they aren’t where you put them, then where on the stage are they?