ok i have a slideshow that i’m making

i’m trying to make it so any newb can edit it but it’s proving more difficult than i thought

i have on my main timeline two buttons and an mc containing all the pictures and their corresponding captions.

inside the mc called pics each frame is labelled with a number at the moment they just go in numerical order but the idea is that they can change the order of the frame labels to alter how pics are seen.

so on the main timeline i have a variable


and then on each button i have


to make it go backwards one frame label number


to make it go forwards one frame label number

i’m sure my script is all wrong but i think i have the idea right.

can someone please help me figure out how to make this work

thanks very much

alright so apparently i’m retarded.

i thought i’d make a version just the regular way … no scripting to make it easier for newbs then when i get the scripting done i would put out the cool version … but i can’t even get the regular one to do what i want it to do.

theres one symbol on the main frame called pics, its instance name is pic … and the buttons just say


that should make it just go through the frames … one forward and one backward … i don’t know why it’s not working !!

on (release) {

on (release) {

nextFrame() isn’t a gotoAnd— action. It is its own function.

so beta … no ideas on how to solve the first problem i was having with this movie.

my l33t idea to make it easily updatable by having the buttons go to and play the next number frame label that way someone coming in could just change the frame labels to change the order