Sling tv

Merry christmas everyone!

So i started using sling tv service lately, im wondering if anyone else here is using it?

Im pretty impressed, it cheap and has most of, and even more of the best channels i used to have on cable, and streaming 2 tvs at once shows only about 1 megabyte/sec in my router. (I think i can have 3 simultaneous streams)

Ive read sony vue is even better, but didnt bother to try it because it lacked spike and viceland

Im aware that sounds so spammy, but its not meant to be

In my adventures of dropping cable i also wanted to lower my internet bill. Im not necessarily being super cheap, comcrap has just really gotten greedy over the 8 years ive had them. I cancelled everything, bought a $50 docsis 3 modem and found out that if you sign up online, and pay in advance, keeping your card on file, they dont care what name you use. So i now have $30 internet (speeds 30/6) as a new customer with no contract, verification, social security, driver licence or anything on file. ( Mr fakey mcGee).

I know its no secret that people cancel and have someone else in the house sign up as new, i just never realized you can put any name you want with no verification, just agree to pre pay monthly.

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Not spammy at all! I haven’t used Sling TV, but that’s mostly because my needs are far simpler!

Since I don’t watch much live TV at all, I just pay monthly for internet, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and HBO GO :stuck_out_tongue:

I was actually just about to ban you for spamming :run_in_fear:

I don’t have a TV. I wouldn’t mind having some sports but I really don’t miss it.

I recently started using Plex as a media server; really like it so far.


Ive heard good things about plex but haven’t tried it. Anyone here use kodi?!? I wont get into it here but Its kinda crazy

Im not a sports guy at all, except i do like some ufc content. I would happily cancel all tv subscriptions but my wife wants some channels so sling with addon channels at only $30 a month is pretty good

Also, you can order PPV events on youtube and some apps now so cable is really looking like a dinosaur. Infact i think the next ufc is $10 cheaper on youtube, or if you order directly from ufc they stream 4k and you get some level of control over live camera choice.

I know u guys dont care about tv but as an update to what i wrote above, on a closer look at the current paid streaming services. Directtvnow is better. 100 channels for $35 and really looks like real HD. Edit: directvnow is currently unstable, sling is stable but lower picture quality

I was casually looking at devices and its disgustingly obvious its soon going to be very hard to buy a cheap tv streaming device without a 24hour mic in your house. Non mic-enabled fire sticks are no longer sold and mics are on roku, comcast, android tv remotes just to name a few.

Me at my friend’s house: i dont feel comfortable with that thing in my house
Friend: yeah but check this out. Alexa whats the weather?
Device: " ok, opening your garage door now"
Friend: its not supposed to do that

What happens if you ask to open the garage?

This ->


It opens the overhead door

That particular friend has it linked throughout the home with another product so you can have it do all kinds of stuff, like hand over all your live security feeds to amazon for example

If my wife was speaking with the remote every time she changed channel… oh man.
Who invent such evil stuff?

Tried to buy another Chromecast and just found out amazon doesnt allow them to be sold there.

Yeah - it’s because of some rivalry with Google. I think you also can’t buy an Apple TV via amazon either.

Interesting. It’s strange on they don’t sell Apple TV but they sell the remote for it.