Small movie (4kb) works on local drive but display is quirky on web server

hehe… run into some unexpected problem, anyone faced this before?

Here is the URL to the triangle area finder thing I’ve been working on:

Attached in the .zip file is the .fla, .swf and .html.

It displays and works fine when I preview it on my on machine. However, when I upload to my school’s e-learning portal, students are not able to view the swf properly. If you visit the site above you will get what I mean. The top title fails to display on some occasions (the same with the dynamic text on the 2nd display bubble. (refresh a few times and you will see the anormally)

My source file is pretty straightforward (i think) and I don’t know what’s wrong… I thought it might be a loading problem so I added a preloader for it but the glitch persists (I have since removed the preloader). Besides it’s only 4kb!

Need help from fellow Flashers again. C:-)