SmarterChild - The AIM Robot

IM SmarterChild on AIM. Gives you info about weather, news, stocks, any president. Calculator, search, zip codes, spell-check.

Amazing stuff. Ask it funny things.

Kirupa asked: “Who is your daddy?”

Lol just try it out for yourself :P.

wow, where have you been the past two years? :wink:

On this forums :P.

I just thought I’d tell people :sure:. You can delete this thread though ;P.

I was kidding :nerd:

I didn’t know he now gave the weather. That’s something people might not know about, including myself.

:stuck_out_tongue: How come I deleted this thread 2 times…still comes back.

lol I like looking up cuss words in french!! (yepp they have a translator too w00t!)


I read on the site or something that after 30 days it would want money.
it never wanted money. maybe I missunderstood.

you know there are like ten of these? but true, smarterchild is the best and smartest

Smarterchild can be really stupid sometimes.

It told it “Yea girls are good” - It said “Interesting tell me more” - "Girls girls girls- “Uhuh okay whatever”…


There was a site a while back where you could make your own bot, like program in responses to stuff. It was pretty cool, but time consuming and kind of buggy.

I said “Fo’ Shizzle” - It said “Fo’ Shizzle My Nizzle!”


“I’m chatting with 6,925 people right now!”

That bot is doing a lot of chatting.

wow, that many people have absolutely nothing to do right now :stuck_out_tongue:

it should take all their extra time and get the to work for some company :stuck_out_tongue:


[color=darkred]kirupacom:[/color] ever been to
[color=royalblue]SmarterChild:[/color] Been to Kirupa Com? No way!
[color=darkred]kirupacom:[/color] I’m gonna find where you live, break down your door, and pull the plug on you!
[color=royalblue]SmarterChild:[/color] lol. Whatever.