SMASH HIT: Spiderman II

This game is in my list. It is awesome. Go Check out the trailer. Truely one of those games you can’t get enought of. I had the chance the check it out. and play it. It’s awesome. I’m really getting this game. (If not from my future uncle) I’ll even get it from the store… On my Fav System… NGC… But It’s out on all systems… Worth checking out.

take it from some one that has the game. :thumb:

I heard that game was fairly repetitive.

Hmm… I loved it… to play it :stuck_out_tongue: i mean the swinging alone kep me busy for 2 hours… :stuck_out_tongue:

From your Unclue in the near future or Your soon to be new uncle? :h:

If number 2 how does one aquire a new uncle at the age of 18?

I hear that game was going to be sick. I will give it a rental before an impulse but though. Hollywood inspired games are always hyped big-time.

Maybe his grandparents had another kid. :stuck_out_tongue: Anything’s possible. Refer to movie: The Stupids.

[size=1][EDIT] Ooh… More probable: maybe his older sister’s getting married.[/size]

Well I have the game.

It’s a ton of fun… at first. It’s kind of like what everyone says “Grand Theft Spiderman”.

Swinging around the city of New York from building to building is awesome and I can’t get sick of it. The problem is, I can get sick of the rest of the game. You do the same **** hero quests over and over again. The story isn’t all that great, I mean it’s from the movie but I don’t really like how it was put together. It just get’s boring. I couldn’t finish it.

But, make sure to give it a rent, it’s awesome to just swing around - kind of like how it was fun to just drive around in GTA. I played the game for 2 straight days but Haven’t touched it since.

the uncle of my girlfriend is the CO here in the netherlands of nintendo… :slight_smile: and even if i’m only 17 I’m still planning on marrining her.

If you don’t I will… I was born to be in the Nintendo Family!

Hmmmm didn’t get to play as long to see all the stuff maybe it isn;t that good. :whistle:

I got a demo from an AOL CD. It’s too simple though. You only control Spidy with the mouse and direction keys.

spiderman 2 is a bad ugly clunky game… And i hate the physics

:puzzled: :puzzled: :puzzled: :puzzled: :puzzled: :puzzled: :puzzled: :puzzled: :puzzled: :puzzled: :puzzled: :puzzled: :puzzled: :puzzled: :puzzled: :puzzled: :puzzled: :puzzled: :puzzled: Where are you playing…? It looks awesome!!

The PC version of the game is a completely different game from the console versions. It sucks from what I heard :td:

“Theo” your right :wink:

I read a head to head on IGN and they said right from the begining that they weren’t going to even touch the Spiderman 2 game for the PC because it was GARBAGE! Apperently the freedom is gone, there is an “invisible” ceiling to the city - pretty much it just takes all the good stuff from the console versions and throws them in the Garbage.

okay… Sure… Shot… :wink:

Yeah… I think they made the PC one so sucky because they know its not going to sell well anywho… People Are going to download it. So if the consol version is way better. Even though I might not be as good as it is… I’m still going to get it.

T-O, you can download the console versions to :wink:

My pc is to slow to run an emulator.

My friend has it on XBox and PC, I’ve tryed both and I much prefer it on XBox, its like to different games, on XBox when you swing about you feel really erm…free, but on PC the game feels very caged and clunky.

XBox = 9/10
PC = 3/10

Where are you playing…? It looks awesome!!

no im pretty sure it sucks balls… i played it at EB on the NGC, in 5 minutes i put down the controller in disgust

Heard the game wasn’t bad, but gets really old after about an hour, but hey I havent played it yet. It looks pretty cool.