So bad, it's REALLY funny

You may have seen this rip of the new 2a before, but I hadn’t until
today. And all I know, is it is SO BAD, I can’t help but laugh.

Take a moment and laugh along with me –

people crack me up sometimes :stunned:

lol… another one… :stuck_out_tongue:

What are they trying to accomplish?

oh good lord! :stuck_out_tongue:


Would have been way cooler if they had translated the voice in the beginning like one of those B movie godzilla effects. Anyway, just tell 2A about it and I bet it will disappear really fast.

did you click around the site? they’re actually using segments
from V3 as well! wow – some people have such balls.

note: page doesn’t work in mozilla… unlike 2advanced :stuck_out_tongue:

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oh good lord!

It looks like a mixture of Strong Bad website tips and 2a ripping…

They Might get away with it too, they are in china, and china aint to good at recognising copyright laws…

almost wonder if its actually 2a doing this to make us laugh…

cause oh my goodness, the shape tween on there rofl

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** the shape tween on there rofl **
That shape tween was awful :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


wow, they even tried making the same animation from the short intro on the real 2A site. Pathetic :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah teh tween was awful not even strongbad-worth

HAHAHHAHA, omg, holy crap, i can’t believe that some1 had the audacity to do that!!!?? i swear i’m naieve sometimes.

syko - you said another one? was there another rip? oh man…

If you click on about us and the first link below has pictures of thier headquarters. I don’t know if they photoshoped thier logo on there but if they didn’t it’s scary to think that a company has made some serious money off of 2advanced by ripping them off

Crap, prolly another one of my 2 million cousins.

This is just sad. I expected better results than this, o well, back to copying games.

WTF? :h: It’s like…totally the same!
That’s incredible, it’s like they took a screenshot, brightened it and adjusted it a very lil’ bit?


look at their headquarters, they show pictures and pictures of their building… whaaaaat?

it’s the chinese who made that =)

Need I rephrase, probably one of my cousins. :stuck_out_tongue: