Socketserver + As3Client


For some old folks over here at kirupa, some might remember me from this thread.

That was in 2004, in 2009 I tried to recreate the socket for general usage (for noobs) and managed to create one. But never actually got to use it myself after I noticed some flaws, noted below.

Today I was browsing the server side forums, and noticed how many people are still trying to do this in PHP. And mostly I see confusing code with many many bugs. So I decided to share my old code and hopefully help some people out.

Also I would love to see what you people can create from this. Everything is free to use and I will not make any efford to modify this (delivered as is), not because I dont want to, but more because I dont have time for this… Also, on the side-note, I’m working on a new version wich has a completely different approach.

Anyways… check out the source code, try to use it, and hopefully you can create awesome stuff.

Here come the flaws, haha;

  1. The as3 client is ****ty as hell and undocumented! Not using proper events etc. (I was a noob back then, still am). I’m sure some as3 pro’s can create a better version.
  2. The server and client use a custom protocol to communicate, back then I thought it had to use XML, but XML can fail in so many cases when sending over user input (if anyone remembers the chat ;))
  3. Performance, can reach 100% cpu usage on the server. Gogo endless loops+php.
  4. Partly using code conventions.