| under construction | need feedback

I would like feedback / suggestions about the wedding and portrait galleries, which are “done”. The headshots gallery currently has placeholder text and photos, so dont need feedback about that one. All the other sections besides the galleries dont have content yet. Let me know if you are able to “break” the site by clicking on buttons repeatedly, or back and forth between different buttons.


first thinf centre the movie in the screen will make it look a lot better. Some nice pics what camera do you use, an SLR or a point and shoot?


I think your site is nice and works well overall. One thing with the navigation— it seems you cant click on any of it when something is trying to load. Just a pain if i clicked the wrong link and want to open up that menu again, i have to wait for everything to load.

a critique on design: some new fonts might really help the look and feel of the site. something to go along with your elegant and simple theme.

I like it, it’s smooth and sleek. I agree with serkios on the fonts, it could help the design more. I also think that it would look better centered. Maybe some sort of background could help too instead of plain white. Just be careful not to overdo it.

Thanks for the comments.
MrG: The movie will be centered, and there will be a background pattern, I just haven’t gotten to that yet.
serkios: I made it, on purpose, that you can’t click anything while something else is loading. The site messes up when you try to go to a different section while one section is still loading. No way around that.

And I agree that it would be better with different fonts. The menu text is dynamic, and I have found that anything but pixel fonts will come out blurry, but pixel fonts dont seem to go with my site too well… Any suggestions?