Soldiers&Saints Navigation. Any tips?

See the link above for what I mean. Does anyone know how to create this effect in the navigation, its fantastic the way the foreground moves faster than the background, this gives a wonderful real-life perspective effect.

Anyone got any tips or tutorials out there?

Kind Thanks.


looks really well made, but the actual effect is quite simple. Try this with 2 movieclips instance names mc1 & mc2
written on the timeline:-
speed = .98;
speed1 = .9;
//speed should be between 0 and 1. the closer to 1 the slower the ease-in
//you`ll have to experiment a bit

setInterval(moveF, 40);
function moveF() {
mc2._x = speed1mc2._x+(1-speed1)(mc2._width/2-_xmouse);
mc1._x = speedmc1._x+(1-speed)(mc1._width/2-_xmouse);

i actually think this is done with the use of depths… maybe you should read and see
in the last one you can see an example of the use of depths.

yeh, the mans head popping out is done with swapDepths() but the rest is just different speeds. Used in making games quite aa bit.