Some input

i’ve got two tutorials in the oven:
drawing lines (actionscript).
dynamic menu (define # of items, links, text, etc all w/ actionscript).

do either of these sound like a good tutorial to put up? if so, i’ll finish em both.

They both sound great thor especially the menu one…sounds very useful.

but i think Pom said he was going to do something with drawing…

The menu thing can be useful in the tutorial Kirupa is writing (about how to build a whole website in Flash)

thanks, i’ll go ahead with the menu then. honestly, i couldn’t explain the line concept too well.

anyway, i’ll go ahead with the dynamic menu then. and flatline, love the footer.

Hey, Thor, I was indeed doing that tutorial. I’d be most interested in seeing what you’ve done, both in the code and in the explanation. Can you send it to me ? [email protected]
Kirupa, I’ll resend you the tute as soon as I’ve modified it.

pom 0]

here’s the fla, pom:
<a href=>here</a>

Hey, that’s a good explanation ! I never thought about putting it INSIDE the fla…
Thanks anyway. It’s great because I used a controller movie clip where I put the actions, so I’ll be able to display two methods :smiley:

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i didn’t like what i said. i didn’t feel like i explained it clearly. it’s hard for me to even understand the explanation sometimes. go ahead and ab/use my fla for whatever, i’m not gonna finish this tutorial. let’s hear your explanation.

:lol: You could have tried to explain it in French. We’ll see what I can do.

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