Some much needed explanation!

I am new at Flash 5 and I am working my way throught the advanced rollover tutoril right on this site. I know how to make the buttons and I know how to make the little text movies…but this is what I don’t know how to do:

When I open up the file the provided, there are two layers in the timeline…one named ‘buttons’ and one named ‘actions’ (or something similar). On the stage, all that is seen is the buttons with no text, and a circle in the middle. When I click the circle, it opens up the text movies with three new layers in the timeline (buttons 1, 2 and 3). How is this done? When I make my button movie, all the text and buttons are on the stage and in the same timeline. Can I get some help on this tutorial with the process of making these ‘separate’ movies?


You can press Ctrl + F8, which is the shortcut to create a new object in Flash, or else it’s called New Symbol, in the 3rd or 4th drop down menu. If that’s what you meant.
By creating a new movie clip, you’ll have a whole new timeline to work with.

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but it’s just F8… not Ctrl+F8. :wink: