Some new art (sorta)


Nah, it all works now :slight_smile:

Sorta… gotta hang the satellite speakers on my walls now… urgh…

setting it up was actually pretty easy after all… considering the 17.000 wires everywhere… and the f*cked up schematics… (grr)…

hate bad manuals…

the wallpaper is awesome. It is now my desktop as well. I need a system on my computer…the only thing I have are the crappy speakers that are built-in on my new Flat Screen monitor…

I bought this 5.1 surround system… only cost me 60$!! :beam:

Some cheap German brand… “Nic” if anyone knows it…

Works perfect actually :slight_smile: I was a little hesitant, but I’m glad I bought it now :wink:

where can i get a copy of the Copyright rules? lol

go there, and read the article “Getting Ripped”…

From now on, I’m watching out for myself…

taps feet impatiently

still waiting for official announcement of that award

what award?

*Originally posted by eilsoe *
**Ok Mak, that’s it…

You’re now officially the weirdest guy on the boards… :chinaman: **

don’t BS me, you know which award, if i do not get this award within 24 hours i will have to report you to the authorities, the Kirupaville Gestapo and you will be sorry

[SIZE=1]oh ****, ur part of them aren’t you…now i Remember[/SIZE]

Edit by Eilsoe (Mak DEFINITELY NOT in diguise): Mak you get 1 warning and 1 warning only, do not mess with the Kirupaville Gestapo

Very cool! i like it! yep very cool indeed! :slight_smile:

STOP EDITING MY POST EVIL WERM :chinaman: :angry: :bad: :wink:

[SIZE=1]::I feel a slappin’ war comin’ up::[/SIZE]=)

Flame suits on…

Hey write a tut, and where can you get some good materials for 3ds max?

Stop posing as me then, Mak!!!

morse: Try… can’t remember if they have materials or not… :-\

eilsoe, on a lighter note :doges this:trout:: just under 100 before dadadada…2000

weee! 2000!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

then I’m like… only 6-7000 post behind Lost! =)

By the time you get to 7.000 posts lost will have more posts than all the others users together:P

hehe, true :slight_smile:

But I’m in no rush :slight_smile: