Someone harsh critique this lol

Hey people… if you go here you can see my bands very much unfinished web site. I’m wondering… with the way that the pop up window comes up do ya’ll think I should leave that or leave it in the main browser windows and put more content on the pages? Also, I think the black and grey is too plain. Vapour used to be a death metal band so it was always black, but now were more relaxed so I’m thinking we can maybe lighten things up and add some colour. What does everyone think?

Cheers, J

Alright, since you asked for it:

Splash: why the heck do you do a phlash splash ? with a preloader ? add a nice low sized jpg telling the user it’s gonna be a pop up flash… And the photos just laid out like that are not at all eye candies… Either remove them or do something good with them.

Flash site:
Looks too much like a flash noob site; your buttons don’t fit the overall theme (actually it doesn’t look like there is a theme), and you use gradients too easily (blood stains, buttons)… as well as tweens. The news flasher looks like a crappy javascript newsflasher.

Preloading each section is good, but your preloader could use some work. And when sections change, the screens turns white for like a quarter of a second - not at all attractive. Oh and since it’s a band site, why not add some music on it ?

As for ‘the band’ section, try inverting the direction of the infinite menu, ie when you scroll right the MC goes left and vice versa, cos right now it’s a pain to use.

For the ‘credits’ section, why are you using xp-like buttons ? Why not keep the buttons to the ‘theme’ (even though it could have some work)…

Cheers, sorry for being harsh, you asked for it.


deletes entire site point…

Yeah there is nothing there now.

hum i feel bad now…

goes and looks for ‘tact’ in dictionnary

well, I saw the site before it was removed, and I would pretty much agree with what mlk said, and I don’t think offense should be taken, it was just honest.
Though the looks of the site were kind of amatuerish in parts(ie. the bottom of the swinging stickmen) the principles of building a site in flash were there. There’s no harm in going back to the start with the experience under your belt, after all, you said yourself that the vibe of the band has changed. just take on board the advice so you can improve.
also, there’s no need to just take down a site because of a bit of criticism, you never know what other tips people might give.

Yeah, I know… thanx :). I just thought the whole site looked completly crap and needed other opinions… and well, yes… lets face it- it had no theme and it all looked like crap so meah… I’m workin on some new stuff I’ll let ya’ll know about it soon :slight_smile:

Cheers, J