First Flash Site! pleas check

i personally think its junk, lol, tell me what you think and how i can work to make it better.=)

*Originally posted by Alex *
**i personally think its junk, lol, tell me what you think and how i can work to make it better.=) **

Personally, I think it’s junk as well and I’m glad we both agree on that. hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just kidding, I can tell you’ve improved and that’s more important now than what you make.

As for the site, I noticed a few problems.

  1. You need to add a real preloader, something that displays the loading progress.

  2. You text is blurry and hard to read.

  3. The rollOver effects on your buttons could be better as well.

  4. Work on your transition effects, as of now you only have an effect of stuff coming in, but not stuff going out so it doesn’t look as smooth.

  5. Add a feature to turn off the music as well.

  6. Step 1 =)

I think it’s pretty good. Not too sure about the music, and maybe it could be a little bigger…:slight_smile:

is it showing up small. i have it set so its big, but sometimes it doesnt show up the size that i want it.

i don’t know if it’s just me, but i see more and more people using blue sky as their www background. Does the sky have any meaning there or is it just there because you like it?
if you’re not happy with your result, work on it until you are. Don’t give up. your site is not junk. It could use some improvements but it’s not bad for a first flash site …
keep up the good work (-:

  1. site takes too freakin’ long to load …
  2. don’t like the font used for the preloader …

that’s all i can say :smiley:


Had a look even though I nearly gave up took forever and an age to load…


  1. As said above you definately need a progressional pre loader to inform the viewer how long they have to wait until it loads…I can’t work out why it took so long…there wasn’t much photography…the only thing I could think of was the image of you…are you sure its 72dpi and sized correctly you haven’t just made it smaller in flash.

  2. I don’t like the rollovers…too confusing with the words going over to the left…kepp it simple.

  3. not sure on the grey background makes the site look small.

other than that its looking good.

postatomic :evil:

Hey Alex…

2000 posts and your first Flash site ??

Yeah, huge load time on 56k, and the music was kind of annoying. but ok…

Wasn’t there an intro with words flying around at one stage? what happened to it. :-\

Daveman :bandit:

dude, dont go around calling your site crap like that. your making me feel bad. this is ur first site, you call it junk, and it is a hundred times better than mine…

i thought it was amazing, but you could have info on the splash page and make the text more clear. also alight the text box in the about me page to fit the box…

good work!

*Originally posted by Daveman *
**Hey Alex…

2000 posts and your first Flash site ??


was this needed?:-\

any ways, thanks for the help everyone, i am currently designing a new one because i hate the new one. :frowning:


Originally posted by Daveman
Hey Alex…

2000 posts and your first Flash site ??

No offence was meant BTW… Just curious, thats all

I don’t see the problem.


*Originally posted by Alex *
**was this needed?:-\ **
rofl, a bit harsh don’t you think Alex? Not entirely sure what is so offensive there tbh :-\

i took it the wrong way. just how its worded. Im sorry if i did happen to take it the wrong way.

for jumpin’ the gun, your grounded

no internet for 1 week



I finally fixed everything that needed to be.

i got a new preloader, Fixed the text, Fixed the music problem, and added some special effects. Tell me how you like it. (:

and i haven’t read all the posts, but the biggest problem with the site is the size of your .jpgs (200-500 kb!) in the portfolio section - and why do they open in new window?

i see you have some choices for music - but it’s all pretty much the same stuff and a little abrupt. give me something a little more eclectic. perhaps keep 1 dance song, 1 ambient track, and something entirely different (classical, country, indie - whatever).

other than that good job! :>

i want to add mp3’s to it, but there is the legial issues that can occur if i do go ahead with my idea. :slight_smile: thanks for your comments.