Something funny for EDWIN!

allright… today for me was sooo f**** crazy!!! missed my class in college then got the flu!!! and and! i got 2 quizzes tomorow… well TODAY SINCE IT’S 338AM!!! and all i did was stay in bed!!! ****!!! but meanwhile… i said… instead of reading all these usual messages on this board about how many problems we encounter in our sites, i decided to do something unusuall… yes that’s right… i was wondering what @ first… i took a look @ Edwin’s site… for like the 100th time… and remembered the first day i visited it… i was laughing… cuz it doesn’t take someone to make something so advanced in order to impress the people but instead CREATIVITY!! right? well we all know that… so yeah… Edwin’s site may seem simple but really cool at the same time… so i said… well why don’t i see how he started doing his site by copying it for myself… ****!!! it was NOT easy!!! in fact i was laughing my head off about my drawings!!! and my limited ideas to the point that you guys have to see it!! LOL!!! i can’t do it… i thought i could… but i guess i’m not an artist!!! heheh… so here it is:
HEY Ed… i gotta hand it to you man… you spend time on that thing!!! good job!!! seriously desrve site of the week… heheh

lol… good attempt… seems like it shouldn’t be that hard to draw like a 2 year old, but it really takes some talent to get it to look that good.
Still though, I say good attempt… being an artist takes two things. A desire to do it (even at the expense of food.) and practice. Nothing more nothing less.

DUDE! i can not stop laughing!, Not because of the art but because i inspired someone to try something crazy like that!..dude i tihnk you did a great job, you totally made my day! and Upuaut is right all it takes is mad practice. cause i’ve gone on 16 hour Flash binges before. hehe

I forgot to mention this… in reference to food above, that does not in any way mean cOfFeE

Thats a given!, HAHAHAHAHA*rushes off to the kitchen for COFFEE!

****!!! you guys are right!! LOL!!! i’m crazy!!! well this site of mine was made when i was sick in bed!!! wait till you get to see my site when i’m fully healthy… LOL!! crazy!!!

Post it here once you are done.

OfCourse man!!! you guys are my only feedback!!! do you think i am going to ask my sister or something? all she is going to say is: Good Job… like after spending 2 weeks on it… you guys can understand the work put into flash sites… so yeah… hell yeah i will… just some time… by the way… Ed… how da **** do you get that banner to be opened in a blank window in tripod? it was meant to be alone…

log in to your tripod account and look around the ad place. it tell you weather you want pop up or embeded

Hey Timber,

That was too funny, lmao…good attempt though, just goes to show how much hard work it takes.



i really do apreciate it thoug

Thats actually pretty **** hilarious! I wish I had enough skill at freehand drawing as timbiland!