Sometimes, you just gotta love hackers

I hate people who steal cars…
…but I don’t hate all mechanics :beam:

i dunno…kinda looks like the type of logos they would usually have. maybe some people asked them to take it down, or simply reconsidered.

this isn’t a “hack” i dont know what lead any of you to the conclusion that it is, all it was, was one of google’s corny logo changes, that they do from time to time, they took it off so quickly because more than likely google was getting criticized for anti-war stuff or something, thats more than likely what happend.

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**awww its fixed. i want to learn to hack to test my security and then get really good and be a white hat for a company and be like rolling in dough **

Youd better not. Soon, when the bushwhackers have exploited 11/9 some more, youll be labelled a terrorist and put to death / in jail indefinitely (probably guantanamo) if you know more than how to turn on and off your computer, and how to install Microsofts mindcontrolling spyware.

Am I being unreasonably cynical? I should bloody hey hope so! The deepest desire of a cynically-minded person is to be proven wrong. Only perverse, morbid satisfaction come from being right.

some one should put the name as “Giggle” instead of google.


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**I hate people who steal cars…
…but I don’t hate all mechanics :beam: **

cool phrase :stuck_out_tongue: