Sony makes lik-sang close HOLY CRAP

For those of you who don’t know what Li-Sang is, it was the best and biggest videogame importer which alot of UK gamers relied on for importing mostly games and consoles since they always get stuff almost a year after its launched stateside.

Anyways Sony managed to get them to go out of business kinda sad if you were a gamer and had pre-ordered a PS3 or any console with Lik-Sang.

it just sucks for UK gamers I feel for you all, more info can be found here

Yes, I know this is horrible…

I’m moving this to Games :wink:

sucks indeed,

but there’s still ,my fav import-site.

Hopefully not one of Sony’s next targets …

BOO! Down with Sony! What games are Lik-Sang famous for?

puts on my sony monitor 'phones :mu:


It’s an import-site, they don’t make games, they distribute them.

i’m becoming increasingly less impressed with sony. i was a big supporter for a log time but now I hope they fail miserably. Good bye sony, much like a cheerleader on prom night, you suck…

interesting, i just pulled up this post and now on AOTS they are doing a piece on it. It sounds like there may be more to the story. More to come as I find out.

It sounds to me like it was the court in London’s decision, not Sony’s. (Though, Sony obviously started the legal action.)

:frowning: sad to know that. what in the world is sony up to!?!