Sony Vaio + WACOM tablet

Ok I have a sony vaio notebook and a wacom, thing is you can’t use them together… the plug for the wacom to interface with the comp is not one that is on the notebook (it is a small serial and would have to be male on the notebook end) anyway I am sick of not using it with my laptop so heres the question - is there anyone out there who uses this combo (or really any laptop + wacom) and what did they do. So far the only thing I’ve been able to think of is getting a docking station - possibly theres something a little less drastic out there (adapter, etc) as I really dont need a docking station. ANY ADVICE or IDEAS would be AWESOME! not using my wacom is destroying my soul. :puzzle:


My wacom is USB :huh:
What kind of Wacom do you have?

Its an Intuos, but it is the first generation of them, so it isnt USB :frowning:

can’t you have a whateverportyouhave to USB device ?

Yeah mine is USB too. As MLK said look for an adapter :smiley:

Great to see you again Ryall! How have you been? Hope to see you around a bit more!

I found an adapter… I thought I looked hard before for one, but I guess not - it took two seconds to find it - doh! some times I can be amazingly stupid. Thanks for the welcome back midipi - I’ve been really busy, and I moved to Chicago (temp for about a year) - I’ve got so many projects right now I am going insane, but I love it. Hope all is well!