SOTW submission :)

Just redesigned my site. SOTW material?\r\rA cool third place after Designcheck and Zerodesigns would be good enough for me, he,he,he. \r\\r\rAloha - Marc

Great design, but that robot on the left, and the noise it makes are really a pain in the @$$ :smiley: \r\rpom 0]

I like the new design, however, this is just a personal preference. Those robot arms on the right that get loaded in when you press for a different section are awesome, but I (personally) would like them better if they didn’t animate. But either way they are fantastic. The robot on the left, I feel should only animate for a short time…maybe loop it one - three times and then have it be static…

Hey guys…I made those changes you suggested. Yeah…I think it’s better now.\r\rAloha. Marc

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------\r OK, let me rephrase : your site is the most amazing site I have ever seen in my life, and never -and I repeat never- will I ever be able to match, however hard I try. You’ve just become my own personal God, and if I could, I would clean your toes with my tongue.\r\rGood enough for you ?\r\rpom \r\rAnd I prefered the previous design by the way. Much cleaner according to me but hey ! I suck at design, why do I even have an opinion ? \r\r…You feel better man? Sorry if I offended you in anyway. If anyone suck at design I do…I’m literally frustrated with what to create. Maybe I should just take a break huh?\r\rPeace - Marc

Hmm, the site seems to be down. I can’t wait to re-check it again with the new design :slight_smile: \r\rCheers,\rKirupa

Sorry Marc, I sort of got carried away (I’m french, take that into consideration)… The thing is I really loved your site, and somehow I made myself totally misunderstood (???), which pissed me off even more.\r\rAnyway, I look forward to seing more of your stuff. And I promise I won’t post any of my “creations” (the guys to whom I showed it were delighted by the way :rollin: They’re French too) :smiley: \r\rpom 0]

I cannot get teh site :frowning: Its gives me a page not found.