SOTW Submission

Hey All,

Just wondering if I could get some feedback on two of my sites and also possibly have them for concideration for the SOTW.

Thanks for your time,

I do like bluehaus…

You forgot to post your e-mail address. I suppose you didn’t read the guidelines before posting your site :smirk:

My bad! For some reason I thought my email was in my profile.

[email protected]

hehe, like the Whack-A-DJ on bearrocks… :stuck_out_tongue:

Man I sucked… 15 whacks…

The bad thing about that game is that the slower the machine the better score you can probably get. So take your score as a compliment on having a better machine! lol

Hey, did you see the intro?

No all i got was a popup with two speakers in it. It told me to click anywhere to get the correct flash player, and i had version 6 by the way.

And then it just jumped directly to the site.