Here you all go :stuck_out_tongue:

I havent drop a critique in a while so here is my spill. I voted black pulp btw. Lots of attention to detail IMO.
Nice transitions. Nice color and mood for the site content. But a little too monotone for me.

First thing I noticed when you click a link (lets say furniture). You get the drop down or sub menu should I say. I think you should introduce a picture at the moment in the area to the right. Kind of seems unbalanced to wait for a second selection before seeing some imagery. The bgrd color seems a little odd and intense for the nature of the site. BUt overall a nice and easy to navigate site.

Nice that you thought to add a secondary nav to the nav on the lady figure. It took me a while to find the volume or sund button. While it was simple to use I felt it did not communicate fitness well.

Nice concept but it seems I have seen this style before (not saying it is a rip). ANd it is just too minimal for my taste.

The vector you on the cover was kinda creepy for some reason. I had to scroll down to get the subnav. Not good IMO. I like the font you used.

I hate full screen sites. I love the logo. I stuck with it because the logo was cool. I did not see the skip button the first time. But overall I like the site. It just feels like someting is missing that will push it over the top.

black pulp
I took forever for the music to load. The navigation is very unique. I love it how it pushes over. The site seems very busy, but it seems to work in this case. gj
(wait) just noticed you can change the bgrd and view bgrd info and close all windows. VERY NICE. I love detail.

Nice use of 3d and original concept. WHile the transitions were painfully long at points, I think it was a good trade off. The sounds were distracting on some sequences. It took a while to find the home button in this case the “x”. But overal left me with a good impression.

I did not really like this site, but it was in another language so I did not understand the relevance of the scenery and the characters.

This site just seemed to be a little too amatuerish, but it did show consistancy and easy navigation. Just needs a little more work. It seemed like an average site tho it effectively communicated.

Nice site, transitions look great, colours are a little monotone, and the black type kinda kills the whole style of the site, it just seems out of place.

i may be a little picky but while i think your transitions and animations looks great, i have a feeling the look and feel to the site is not really capturing the style of the business. To me it looks like the company sells classic funiture which are a traditional style, but the site tells me modern, sleek design, this is also the case for the music, slow and relaxing music with slick looking interface/animations , just dont think its works together.

i like the style to this, think the music is great, and the navigation with the sillouette girl is smart, but i think this site is just lacking strength, there seems to be a floating feel to the site where things have maybe a little too much space between themselves.

im not sure if its just happening to me but i get another pop up when i visit the link to your site, dont like that at all, especially when it dosent have nothing to do with your site.

  • nice site, like the simplistic style to it and the user interaction of changing the background colour. transitions to sections are sleek but are common to these minimalistic type sites, music and sound effects are a little too much i think, the music after a while gets to you and the sound effects on the button to me say generic.

the red type on the contacts page is too deep, and the logo symbol on the top of your site look pixelated.

clean site but i think it gets lost a little in the background. logo on the top left is not really strong enough. The menu animation are a little slow and i really have no idea why you need that rectangle on top of the content which comes out first, it makes the animation look cheap and does nothing for the design. I like how you can changed the background image by going to cover and the music is nice and smooth.

This time i could see the splash page but when i click the type the popup appears in my taskbar and its nowhere to be seen on my screen…

no comments-- cant see the site.

where do i start!.. nice logo presence and nice colour scheme, intelligent dynamic content/navigation and concepts such as the ability to have more than one window opened at the same time but with no fuss in creating mess, automatically positions windows, great site, nice concept, profressionally carried out… well done!

cool intro animation, but the animations within the site are way too long(full version). the overall style of the site is nice in its 3d style. just wondering why you didnt give the girl on the main page hair and whats the differences between lite and full, because i didnt notice any?

site design is ok, not a fan of the black type laying on the background you have within the site, it just gets lost. unique style to the site and it works well. a little more work on the type is needed though. animations within the site are nicly done. if i understood the language i mike of understood it a little better though.

splash page looks a little cheap, drop shadow on sillouette is too strong and big tick signs looks out of place. black type on the preloader dosent look good. the site layout is simple, the logo could of been a little bigger. I like the images used within the site and have a feeling that they might of looked even better without those tiled pattern on them. Navigation is simple and so is the content. not much to the site, transitions between sections are cool though.

final thought
my vote goes to blackpulp, I believe its a cut above the rest.

My vote is to Blackpulp - it is one INSANE site. I really liked Ethan’s site as well, but it just couldnt compete to Blackpulp’s.

Ethan: Nice colors, but the transitions got on my nerve. And the font in the preloaders is not embedded.
INKO: I wasn’t really attracted to the topic of this site, and blue is definitely my favorite color, but the site is fun and the navigation is really great. Nice work.
artbeka: I clicked, nothing happened :-/
asthy: Not opening either :h: Is there something wrong with my computer?
tommy: I’m not a big fan of vector art, and I didn’t like that white box that loads the content.
hellboy: Argh!! full screen + huge tweens that make my computer lag = had to close the window.
blackpulp: wow.

Same here.

I think it’s safe to say this week is a blowout