Sound and related problems

I recently had the brilliant idea to add sound to my site. Kirupa recently uploaded this handy tut , and I thought I would take advantage of it.

I decided to work with my sites splash to use the sound (splash) , I came up with speech bubbles for play, stop, and loading…

Anyways, long story short I have a few problems.
!) Hitting the play button makes the screen white :-\ I need my banner there at all times.
!!) Hitting play won’t make the music play :-\ [SIZE=1]x2[/SIZE]
!!!) In sound1.fla, hitting stop makes the screen white to.
!V) I cant get the sound1.flas and sound.fla to look the way I want. To elaborate, it needs to look like this , while it looks like [URL=]this

Here is a .zip of the .fla’s and such

I realize I should have said something about how I got the Splash as the background. I just imported it and added it to the first frame of the first layer. Could that be a reason why I get the white screens ?

i am in the middle of finishing the full tut but that should answer all your questions for now

Sorry to say, but I have even more questions from that. I’d rather deal with what I have for now :-\

lol ok man

12 hour’s and I still can’t figure it out. I followed that tutorial verbatim.

flipper post your source files, i will e home for a while, i will ake a look

My mistake here it is, sorry >_<

That has the 2 .fla’s I used, the 3 symbols for on, off and loading, it also has the background image.

Thanks, I really appreciate it :beam: I’m done with my site, all I’m waiting on is this banner.

no this script is wrong i will post the fixed fla in a few minutes. your idea of loading sound is not correct. have no fear Digitalosophy is here :slight_smile:

make sure to look at the comments in source file to understand what is going on

[](Download FLA)

Thanks a lot man, it really is a lot different than the Kirupa tutorial.
However, I have lost the ability to start and stop the music on button press, and I still have issue of the uneven stroke :-\

I guess this will have to do. When I get home I will tinker with the play / stop feature, thanks :beam:


To stop it simply

Thanks again man, you’ve gone out of your way to help me, but I still can’t figure out how to do what I need :-\

I couldn’t wait on the banner, I was spending too much time on it and in the end had to settle for a .gif banner and launch the site.

**shameless plug :thumb:

I made a compromise with the stroke, I lose the bottom and top part of the stroke, but keep the sides :-\ .I’ll continue to work on the banner, I WILL get it to work w/ music on / off feature.

dude, i posted the working fla??? don’t give up, sound is simple. try to do what i did in the post and send me the fla with the problems and i will help.

cool site :slight_smile:

Thanks !

I have far from given up, I’m just stuck. I had a vision, and it’s gonna work dammit :scream:

It’s just a matter of time now :wink: