Sound engineer site... feedback?

sound engineer site

Hi guys,
i need your feedback to make best this site!!

the most important menu are in english but all content, for now, are in italian…


interesting… some parts of this site are fantastic… such as the all areas passes i luv them… brb still playing with site… ok finished, if this is a work in progress im very impressed sound its good images are good and its very interesting to view (always a plus) some things dont work yet but i assume it will all be fixed

P.S i like the preloader

really nice site. very elegant and thematically consistent. I love the hidden content in each pic. Very clean transitions. Generally well designed. I think there are too many pics in the thumb sections that are basically the same. I would use less but make each one distinct.

The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the preloader for each section. I would kill the perspective plans and use a bar or a number so we can see something is happening. I would kill the wipe as well just to get to the next pg faster.

Great stuff I agree with the comments above. One small thing maybe is to put your sound files in the main movie so that when u click between pages the sound doesnt “drop” - or code in a sound fader between each section. Otherwise its looking GREAT! nice simple clean interface, although hard to find some navigation items … Caio pixi.

thanx for your comments…:slight_smile:

this is a work in progress …
i hope it will like you more… :slight_smile:

that’s really nifty… i don’t know if it was just me, but i didn’t hear any sound at all. but i really like the concept!

i add an atmosphere sound in buffer… !!!
it’s very strange that you don’t hear it…