Sound quality

Hi, I have 4 different frames in a Movie Clip called “music1.” They each include a song clip, they are synced in Stream, soon after, however, I found that set them as streams made the file large, and not good in quality. So I tried event, it worked very very well, the quality is very good, and file is a lot smaller, but, when I tried to use music1.gotoAndPlay(“starwars”) (4th frame), it doesn’t work.

I tried to synced them all in “Start” as well, it doesn’t work either, only Stream works, but I don’t want the bad quality of Stream, can anyone please please please help me? This is a very serious matter.

How about:

Export your movie via the drop down panel. Choose a filename for it and click OK. You get a new menu come up with options on it. There’s two sound ones here, Audio Stream and Audio Event. Click on these, and you can change the compression and bitrate of sound files. Fiddle around with those settings, see if they improve the quality.

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that won’t work, just made it bigger and took moretime to compress.

Anyway, I fixed it, I Synced in Event, and then when I want them to stop, I use