Sound to play while page is loading

Hi all,
My first time posting to a forum.
I’m trying to get a sound loop to play whilst an html page is loading.Not sure if I can do this with Flash or maybe it needs javascript to get the sound to load first.Would really appreciate any help.
Cheers Markoid

you need to set the sync to “stream” this way the sound will play as the page is loading in!

html loads all text first, so to go around this, if this is for your main page, consider having an intro paou insert an invisible swf containing the sound (and no grafix); as the user clicks on enter and gets to the main page, if the swf is small it should be cached and playing. you might want to stop it in the 1st page an append a command to the embed tag that starts it playing on the 2nd.

Thanks for your help Simon and Mr Freeze - much appreciated… and such a quick response :slight_smile:

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