Sound UX, Or Why Our Web Pages Barely Make A Peep

Ever wanted to get a room full of web developers to agree on something? Tell them their client wants sound effects for their new corporate website. Chances are good that you'll hear a unanimous groan:

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There have only been 3 definining [[<-- typo]] web audio technologies for the browser. The first was essentially a Flash plugin… which everyone is quite eager to forget.

Before Flash, we also had embed/object tags you could use to autoplay MIDI files on your Angelfire/Geocities/etc site.

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That’s a good catch! Updated it with your comment :slight_smile:

Oh man, I remember the days of embedded audio tracks and icons/links that made little “boing” or laser noises when you hovered over them.

I think I’ve only ever had one client ask for a background midi track to be embedded. I expressed concerns, but was told to do it anyway. It was, in fact, a geocities subdomain, and were it not for that service being defunct, I’m sure that website would still be up to this day. I’m glad it isn’t, as I’d hate to have to explain that one!

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