Sounds, Buttons, Sites :-\

Right im a bit of a newbie when it comes to action script in FlashMX 2004…so any help would be appreciated.

So here’s the situation…

Ive been asked to make an amateur website for a small business near me. Im goin to make the site using flash and theres a few things i need help with.

  1. How do i load another .swf into my movie when the customer clicks on a button?

Eg. When the user clicks the “Products” button the products flash file loads up into the same file. Then when the user clicks a different navigation button it loads a bifferent file into the same position.


  1. Is it possible to put such thing as a product seatch onto the site? How do i get a search engine working for the site only?


The business im makin a website for is a dj equipment business that will be selling dj products and vinyl so my next question relates to sounds.

  1. Is it possible to load samples into the movie so that when the user clicks a button for the corresponding sample that it will play? If so how do i do this?


Is it possible to make my own hitcounter using flash? and how would i make a custom guestbook for the site?


Thanks alot for your time! GREATLY appreciated!